Becoming a Member

We are a new wave of camping club specialising in Glamping and unique campsites. Our aim is to encourage more people into the outdoors and to raise standards improving the overall experience for our members.

Caravans, campervans and Shepherd Huts
Safari Tents
Bring Your Own Tent Camping
Tipis, Yurts and Bell Tents
Geo Domes and Pods

Membership and how it works

Wanderlust camping Club are licensed by the government to ‘certificate’ campsites across England, Scotland and Wales. This allows small campsites and Glamping sites to operate with us without the need for formal planning permission. Without exempt camping organisations many of these campsites would not exist.

Each time you stay at a Wanderlust Camping Club site a small fee goes to the club. This fee is usually included in the booking fee. Fees collected from our sites help the club to run efficiently which means we can continue to certify great sites across the country. Some of the funds raised by the club go towards advertising and promoting our sites. We also donate to wildlife and nature projects throughout the UK.

When you stay at one of our sites the lead guest automatically joins the club. You will be added to our mailing list and will occasionally receive updates such as information on new sites and any donations given out by the club. Membership lasts a lifetime but you can ‘opt’ out of emails any time by contacting the club directly.   

We collect the full names and email addresses of the lead guests for our membership records. 


Membership fees

Our membership fees are usually built into the booking fee of your chosen site however they may sometimes be shown as an ‘add on’.
The fee for Glamping accommodation is £12.50 and the fee for touring sites (pitch your own tents and caravans) is £6.