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If you are thinking of starting a glamping site it is important to understand what permissions are needed. This section is all about becoming a certified site

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Starting a glamping site with Wanderlust Camping Club

Starting a glamping site by going through the planning system can be a drawn out affair. In the rare case that planning is approved it is unlikely that you will get the results you expected and your site will be heavily limited and controlled. 


By becoming a certified site you will always have the option of expanding. The process can be done reasonably quickly so you won’t miss the next season.

What Is Wanderlust Camping Club?

We are a fully formed camping club authorised by Natural England to ‘certificate’ campsites without the need for planning permission. 
The club and it’s certified sites adhere strictly to the exempted camping legislation under paragraph 5 of the First Schedule of Caravan Sites and Control Development Act 1960.
The Club holds certificates for both caravans and camping. We can issue licenses for up to 5 caravans, shepherd huts or pods and a number of camping pitches/Glamping tents depending on the size of your site.
It is our aim to introduce more people to the world of glamping and to raise the standards of the industry overall. We want to encourage more people to holiday in the UK. This will boost tourism and offer support to local businesses whilst also promoting a low impact, outdoor lifestyle.

What makes us stand out?

  • We can offer advice on setting up your site
  • Advice on infrastructure (drainage, water, power, decking etc)
  • Planning advice can be offered, we have a close relationship with some of the top planning advisors in the UK
  • The club has a close relationship with shepherd hut manufacturers and Glamping equipment suppliers (inc bathroom trailers and facilities)  
  • We can offer priority and discounts with these suppliers 
  • Your site will be advertised with us and our members will be encouraged to visit you
  • Unlike other clubs there are no advertising restrictions, you can take your own bookings or use any other platform you wish
  • A percentage of all membership fees are donated annually to local wildlife and nature projects

What is the criteria?

We are happy to issue a licence for people who are willing to go that little bit further in making their site comfortable. Nice accommodation and facilities that are kept clean and well maintained are important to us. We really want people to know what to expect when choosing one of our certified sites. We believe that this will attract like-minded members and encourage more people to come and experience the world of Glamping.

The amount of accommodation that we grant a licence for will depend on the size of your site and the facilities provided. Each site will be assessed on it’s individual merits.  

A site manager must live on site or be very close by.

Reasons a site might not be suitable

  •  Open sites with little in the way of screening are not usually suitable. It is possible to remedy this by adding planting or screening.
  • Sites with neighbours who may be adversely affected are not usually suitable. It is up to the club to decide whether neighbours will be adversely affected. As a general guide, we usually consult with neighbours within 150m of the proposed site. This is not always the case if a site is very well screened and private.
  • If an article 4 direction has been served on the land/local area which prohibits camping we will be unable to assist you
  • We may not be able to certify your site if you are within the ‘curtilage’ of a listed building
  • If there is enforcement action or investigations on the land we may not be able to certify your site 
  • Please note that we rarely certify sites with just one unit 

Club site rules

Our club aims to provide the opportunity for people to relax and enjoy relative peace and quiet. We understand that campsites are a shared environment which cannot always be controlled but we ask our members to be thoughtful of others.

Part of our ethos is to promote well being and to provide a chance for people to enjoy nature. We do not encourage people to use our sites for ‘partying’ and this should be made clear on the individual websites.

Whilst we discourage large groups and stag/hen parties, it is up to the individual sites whether or not they allow this. In this case the group must book the entire site so that no other members are staying at the same time. This may not apply to larger sites if the group can be far enough away as to not cause nuisance. 

Most site rules are left up to the individual campsites. There are however a few that all of our certified sites must adhere to. We are a responsible club and these rules are necessary to protect any other residents in the area. It is also very important that we consider other guests that may be staying on site.

Usually, the only reason that a local authority will challenge an exemption is due to reports of nuisance or illegal activity.

Site rules 

  • Strictly no music after 10pm,
  • Guests must keep noise to a minimum at all times. This can be overruled in the case of a wedding or if the entire site has been booked out by one group.
  • Fires are allowed either in a raised fire bowl or in a designated fire area.
  • Guests must not help themselves to wood whether pre cut or from the surrounding woodland unless permission has been given by the site manager.
  • The speed limit for vehicles on site is 5mph

How do I apply to become a certified site?

Please click ‘Apply Now’ to find out more about how the club works, the application process and any fees involved. Due to high demand we are currently unable to take long calls prior to an application being received. Your application will include a phone consultation. If you wish to have a quick call before you apply please get in touch and we can book you in. 

Becoming a Wanderlust Camping Club Site

By becoming a Wanderlust site you have the right to use your land for glamping. Trade outside of the 28 day rule without the need for planning permission. Planning for campsites is rarely given and often comes with a long list of restrictions. As one of our certified sites you will have much more freedom and control. Join now and become part of the movement!

Starting a Glamping Site