Terms and Conditions

By submitting an application to Wanderlust Camping Club you agree to the following terms and conditions


In these Terms, unless the context otherwise requires or admits the following expressions shall have the following meanings attached to them: “Club” shall mean The Wanderlust Camping Club. “Applicant” & “Site Owner” shall mean the entity such as camp site proprietor or manager. “Contract” shall mean these terms and conditions. “Licence” or “Certification” shall mean the licence as issued by the club or its agents to the applicant ”Membership” shall mean visiting public who are or become members of the club.


In order to process applications to join the Club as an authorised camping site an application fee will be payable by the Applicant. The fee is intended to meet the costs of all individuals involved in the process including:

● Liaising with the applicant

● Time in conducting a desk study

● Conducting a site visit (additional fee if the application is successful

● Vehicle mileage and sustenance

● Accommodation where necessary Other possible actions include:

● Liaising with neighbours ● Parish Council

● Local Authority

● Environmental health

Once this process has begun no refund is possible whatever the outcome of the decision. Where further actions are required for example, but not limited to: – Discussions with local authorities or agencies in connection to Water protection Zones, Nutrient Protection Zones, SSSI, Public Highways, Bats and protected species protection, Nitrate vulnerable zones. Any meeting attended at the request of the Applicant will attract such fees. Estimated costs can be indicated prior to commitment. If accepted, prior payment will be required. All information provided by the Applicant will be deemed to be correct. The Club cannot be responsible for any consequences as a result of misinformation/any omissions. It is the responsibility of the Applicant to provide accurate information to the Club during the application process, this includes historical/current complaints/enforcements from the Local Authority/Parish Council/neighbours.

Upon receiving a fully paid fee, the Club will endeavour to process the application at its earliest opportunity. The Club will not be held responsible for any delays in this process for any reason. Any notice served by the Club shall be deemed to have been served 48 hours after posting. The Site Owner will not assign the licence without the express permission of the club or its agents.

The Club or its agents reserve the right to charge VAT on applications, membership and consultation fees without giving notice. Acceptance to join the Club is not guaranteed and any decision is made by the Club management or its agents. The land which is the subject of the application must be clearly marked on a plan and submitted to the Club for approval. No activity should take place outside of the identified area. All electrical infrastructure should be checked and certified by a qualified electrician at intervals not exceeding 3 years.

Highway Safety

Any recommended steps to improve road safety shall be completed prior to the first visitor’s arrival. In circumstances where these steps are not taken the Club reserves the rights to terminate the licence without further notice.

Fire and Emergencies

A minimum of 2 number 2kg coz fire extinguishers and two fire blankets should be available on site. The location of which shall be made known to all visitors. A sign should be displayed explaining emergency procedures and identifying any individuals with first aid experience.

Sites should have a plan set out for fire and flood risks.

It is the site owner’s responsibility to keep up to date gas safety and electrical safety records.

Toilets and Hygiene

Where chemical toilets are to be used, a suitable disposal point shall be provided. The location of which shall be situated within reasonable distance for HGV vehicle access. No sewerage shall be discharged on to or beneath the ground without the express approval of the Club. Any such consent will not negate the need for planning permission if so required

Refuse Disposal

It is recommended that site management contact waste disposal contractors who offer a regular collection service in their area. The recommended bin sizes for larger sites are: 1,100 Litre


The site management must carry a suitable Policy of Public Liability insurance to the value of £2million. The Club is to be furnished with valid copies. Suitable insurance should be provided for all activities on the land.

Accurate records of all visitors shall be and made available to representatives of the Club upon request.

Spacing and Numbers

The licence permits a maximum of 5 hard units which includes: pods, shepherds huts, caravans, motor homes. Additional accommodation may take the form of tents, yurts or bell tents subject to agreement with the club or its agents. The minimum recommended spacings are 10m for hard units and 12m for tents.

Promotion and Advertising

The Club has no restriction on the method or content of advertising by the site owners/management. No content or advertisements must intentionally mislead the public.

The Club logo shall be displayed on all advertisements and social media platforms where possible and appropriate.

The club should be promoted in a positive way.

The Club sign shall be clearly displayed at the entrance to the site. 

Members should be encouraged to follow the club on Instagram for news and updates.


One person per tent/glamping unit must have paid the membership fee for that stay. The fee is payable each time they stay at one of our sites and must be collected by our certified sites.

The membership fee should be either worked into the price of a stay or added on as an extra. Booking sites such a Pitch Up and Hip Camp can add this ‘extra’ feature for you.

Site owners/managers will need to update the club using our software (Monday) each month. You will be required to collect a full name and email address for each member. 

For Air BnB bookings you will need to contact the guest and ask for their email address.

Failure to update the club each month may result in the withdrawal of your certification.

Misinformation or failure to keep accurate records may result in the withdrawal of a certification. 

The following wording or similar must be clear on all of your listings and booking pages

Your booking includes membership to Wanderlust Camping Club, so you can enjoy future stays at a variety of environmentally-friendly retreats across the UK.
You can find out more here https://wanderlustcampingclub.co.uk/


The Contract constitutes the entire agreement between parties. The Customer acknowledges that it has not relied on any statement, promise or representation made or given by on or behalf of the Club which is not set out in the contract. The Club shall have no liability whatsoever or however arising in connection with the operation of the campsite. Any advice given by the club is on an informal basis. If in doubt the customer should seek advice from the council or planning consultant. The Club reserves the right to review its fee structure at any time without prior notice. No refund will be made to Site Owners terminating the agreement. If a Site Owner fails to make any payments by the due date, then the Club shall be entitled to send a notice requesting such payments to be received within 14 days. If the said payment remains outstanding, the Club reserves the right to terminate the licence. The Club shall have no liability whatsoever or however arising either in contract, tort or otherwise for any consequential loss due to its actions or inactions or that of its agents. The Club may terminate its licence with the Site Owner where there is a breach of contract or in the event of liquidation, has an administrative receiver appointed to it or is adjudicated bankrupt or an interim receiver is appointed. If the Site Owner receives any notices or demands from The Local Authority the Club must receive a copy without delay.

The Site Owner must remove any unauthorised buildings, structures or objects that the Club so requests within 28 days or any such demand by the Club management. The Site Owner will have no right of set-off statutory or otherwise. The club or its agents can not be held responsible for any inaccurate information conveyed by the site owner during the application process or any omitted facts. This may include, but is not limited to historical complaints or objections by neighbours, the parish council, local authority or any other body.